Frisky Fly/ Bingo Bug

Jake Riley, And his 17 LB. Brown - Caught on a #6 Copper Killer Frisky Fly

The Original Bingo Bug and Frisky Fly are back! These lures were once a common sight in many a fishermen’s' tackle boxes, and they are making a comeback. The Original Frisky Fly and Bingo Bug are effective against just about any fish: Trout, Kokanee, Salmon, Steelhead and any other game fish you can imagine. In addition, the world record Brook Trout and Golden Trout were caught on a bingo bug, and the Oregon State record Kokanee was caught on a Frisky Fly. These Lures have been out fishing the competition for decades.

Dont settle for the overpriced, inferior, foreign knock-offs. Ask for the Original Bingo Bug and Frisky fly at your favorite retailers. If they don’t have them, tell them to get them. Each one of our lures is proudly handmade in the USA from 100 percent recycled material, with the exception of our Mustad hooks

Frisky Fly Lure Action