How to use Frisky Fly Lures

Welcome to the world of Frisky Flies. By now we hope you have discovered the versatility of your Frisky Fly lures. We want everyone to be successful with their Frisky Flies. The information in this section is shared with you in that hope.

Using Doc Shelton Lake Troll Trainee #5 (½ x ½), trail your Frisky Fly 15” behind. When fishing is really slow, add a piece of night crawler. Your Frisky Fly lure makes your worm a real wiggler and picks up slow days. Be sure to troll and retrieve slowly.

Use 6 lb. test line, medium size swivel and tie on about 3 feet of 4 lb. test leader. NEVER put on a snap swivel – we have put it on for you.

NEVER, and we mean NEVER, leave your Frisky Flies in the magnified sunlight. They become very difficult to fish with. Would you believe a puddle with a hook in the middle? Many fishing lures are this way because the material used is as close to the natural softness of a real bug.

For Kokanee (Sockeye Salmon Trout): Once again using your favorite trolling spinners: i.e., Doc Shelton (Chuck’s favorite) because it’s small and does not drag as heavy. Take any of these and trail your Frisky Fly of choice behind spinner and this time put ONE KERNAL of White Peg Corn on your lure covering the barb. Again troll slowly and circle a lot. This gets your lure down because sometimes Kokes are in 40 foot depths or more.

The Kokes are a savage striking fish and it’s a must to put a rubber snubber to keep them from tearing out their mouths.

Over 40 years has gone into teaching this Frisky Fly how to swim. We are proud to bring it to you and we’d like to hear what you have brought to the net with them. It’s up to you to help us find new places for our Frisky Fly to swim. We love seeing pictures and hearing stories. We get excited thinking of all the fish that have never seen our Frisky Fly. To us, the saddest thing is to see a Frisky Fly without a home. Please tell a friend!

The number one way to use a Frisky Fly is: light pole and leader with swivel separating line from leader, tie your Frisky Fly on, let out 100 feet of line, troll slowly (morning and evening) and HANG ON!!